Monday Night Malifaux



Based in an alternate Earth, Malifaux uses gothic, steampunk, and victorian horror with a dose of the wild west to inject fun and depth into the magical lawlessness of a world rife with monsters, necropunks, man-machine hybrids, gunslingers, and powerhungry politicos. Actively using character-driven stories to define the world of Malifaux, seek your fortune in this fast paced and brutal 32mm tabletop miniature skirmish game. Assemble your crew and stake your claim!

Malifaux 2E completely updates the rules of the game, adding strategic depth, clarity, and choices. New stories, new factions, and new characters continue to pull you through the Breach and leave you battling for opportunity and survival in the dangerous world of Malifaux.


Monday Night Malifaux is a great way to learn a new game, bring your existing forces to battle against new foes and generally have a great time!


If Malifaux isn’t your thing, we have a group of board/party gamers that also attend for more light hearted fun!


The night begins at 7pm and runs until about 10pm! There is a voluntary charge of £2 for this club to help cover the cost of replacing and updating scenery. As with the Tuesday night club, this is not compulsory, and if you fell you can’t afford it, please come anyway, you will always be welcomed!


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