Friday Night Magic


Magic is a tradable card game (TCG) where you build your collection of cards by trading with your friends, assembling decks of cards, and battling against an opponent and their deck. You cast powerful spells and summon monstrous creatures aiming to knock your opponent down from 20 life to zero. The game is constantly changing as new cards are released throughout the year. As you get new cards, whether from these new sets or through trading with your friends, you can continuously update your decks and discover a whole new game!

Every Friday Evening we hold casual Magic tournaments in a variety of formats from Standard to Modern and Commander to Arch Enemy!

The Tournaments start at 6pm and normally go on till 8.30 or 9pm.

Our Tournaments are extremely beginner friendly, with low cost to join in and prizes spread evenly over all places!

If you want to learn how to play MTG just pop into the shop at anytime and ask. We have free learner decks for new players and will happily sit down and teach you how to play the game!


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