Noc’s Box is a totally accessible shop in Nightingale Court.  It is made up of 3 key elements that are all equally essential.

1. Noc’s Box is a friendly local independent gaming store that has developed based on the needs of its wide range of Blandford inhabitants.  The shop holds a range of hobby essentials including the full range of Citadel paints (airbrush too!), a wide variety of Games Workshop miniatures (all at 10% discount), a large selection of board games, X-Wing, Malifaux and D&D.

2. Noc’s Box games clubs are all part of it’s charity, New Opportunities in Community Support (NOCS).  As the name would suggest the main goal of the charity is to develop community.  Our clubs are completely inclusive (the key to a great community) having members who either suffer with or know someone who suffers with social anxiety (including the ASD spectrum and Aspergers), mental health issues or rural isolation.

3. Noc’s Box Community itself! Noc’s Box started as one person trying to provide an experience similar to what he had as a young person and really helped him get through some difficult years and make him feel like he had a place in the world. Since starting it, the community has developed exponentially and really developed a life of it’s own. It’s this community that now helps run all the clubs and organise the events that help so many!


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